Monday, July 27, 2015

The Old Gray Lady takes a Mulligan (or three)

It's obvious to anyone of even marginal intellect that the New York Times bowed to the pressure of the Clinton political machine in walking back a story from last week suggesting Hillary was the possible target of a criminal inquiry into her email debacle.

So yes, conservatives were ticked, mainly because nothing like that ever happens to them after a NY Times bombshell. When a former Bush White House press secretary confirms it then it's not just a bunch of squawking from partisan yahoos.

Now enter another yahoo doing what leftists do--spinning the legitimate response into something sinister in an attempt to make the response--not the original action--the story:
The point here being that the New York Times wasn’t buckling under to the Clinton campaign. It was undertaking a long and painful walk-back.
Eric fargin Wemple, spending a column bashing conservatives for reacting to the Times reversing a blockbuster story before it was even through the news cycle, done at the behest of the Clinton campaign, based on the same kind of anonymous sourcing they claim was behind the original story.  Wow, it's not like the Times doesn't have editors.  Or reporters.  Or maybe they enacted this FUBAR on purpose?
On Friday afternoon, the Erik Wemple Blog asked Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill what he thought of complaints that the New York Times was doing the bidding of the Clinton campaign in making those initial, stealth changes. His answer: “You’re not serious are you?”
Ahhhhh. Yes. A Clinton hack says the mainstream media is tough on Hils, so it's true, right Eric? Maybe he doesn't realize how stupid that sounds.

Maybe he doesn't realize David Petraeus was brought up on charges for handing classified info to a fellow member of the military (with a clearance) and had his career ruined. 

It's really getting hard to put fingers to keyboard anymore.   This stuff never changes.  The Alinsky press continues focusing on GOP division, heralding every Trump quote about Mexicans as they put a GOP sign around his neck, while ignoring the fact he never bashes Hillary, which makes his entire stunt suspect.  But not worth investigating.  They don't even know Fiorina exists.  And the surgeon is invisible.  They simply never tire of trying to shape the campaign rather than just reporting on it.

And don't even start on the GOP itself, who deserve all the incoming ridicule.  Way to pull defeat from the jaws of victory, McBoner.    

Meanwhile the president has become nothing but a shallow Democratic message board troll, flitting around here and there on Air Force One to scold half the nation (when not scolding foreign leaders not involved in terrorism), actually saying he's concerned about who HE hands the keys to the White House in 2017?  Excuse me sir, but YOU are not handing them to anyone WE don't elect.  You get one vote just like the rest of us.

Amazing.   Frustrating.  Ridiculous.   America, 2015.  

NEED MORE?   7/28/15

Here's a screen grab of the Washington Post headlines on their front page, around 4pm Central Time...


1.  Huckabee's an idiot
2.  Paul:  engaging in war on women with poor pun
3.  Huckabee pandering to blacks
1.  Ted Cruz is bullying his own party--they are tired of it but found out he's a pansy
2.  Trump didn't say anything wrong but his advisor did, same thing
3.  The far right:  spree killers just like the Lafayette theater nut
4.  Bush (it could be any of them) hints GOP primary voters are extremists
5.  Hillary Clinton is a 'wounded queen', poor gal
6.  Some idiocy about white women
7.  Wow, they attack Hillary but it's about the Keystone Pipeline
8.  Jon Stewart: progressive hero figure
More Headlines:
1.  Pollard freed by Obama!   No actually, he just got parole by magic.  No politics here! 
2, 3, 4, actual real news
5.  Evil hunter killed the Lion King 

 You're welcome. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Where and Why?


.. did Chattanooga jihadist Mohammed Abdul-Aziz get his AK47 and the ammo?   Has this been reported?  Haven't seen it.

... is AQ Number Three Adnan el-Shukrijumah?    There was big news of his death last year in Pakistan and he was removed from the State Department's Rewards for Justice Terrorism list, but he remains on the FBI's Most-Wanted Terrrorist list.  Why?  Haven't they gotten the DNA results by now?   

... is former Saddamite Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri?  He was reported killed in the battle to retake Tikrit some months ago, but the Iraqis never confirmed it.   An audiotape seems to suggest he's still alive.

... is AQ mastermind Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, aka the "Red-Headed Terrorist"?  He was in captivity in Syria but last reported to have been released by Bashar Assad after the West began calling for regime change in Damascus.  According to many he's the architect of the new war against the West involving lone wolf type attacks (of the Chattanooga variety). 

... is AQ kingpin Saif al-Adel?   He spent a long time hiding out in Iran after 9/11, but was rumored to have left Iran a few years ago.  Are there other al Qaeda members still being given shelter in Iran?  Has Kerry been asked about this?   Will Iran be taken off the State Sponsors of Terrorism list? 

... is Ayman al-Zawahiri?   How's the hunt going?

... why...  was FBI most-wanted terrorist Joanne Chesimard, wanted for the murder of a police officer and last known to be hiding in Cuba, not returned to the US in the process of normalized relations?  The Cuban flag will be hoisted in the State Department tomorrow morning, well, actually late tonight (to avoid inconveniencing the bureaucrats or waking the press).   Is there no talk of extradition?   Or is it a 'black lives matter' issue for the Democrats? 

Just wondering. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Another GOP candidate in mix!

According to Fox News..

We'll see if this guy "Tump" can get any traction with so many others in the field..