Sunday, September 25, 2011

Said Morgan Freeman to Piers Morgan

Morgan Freeman is certainly making some news for himself with this segment, which presumably most have seen..

The part that jumped out was this line:
"Screw the country, we're gonna do whatever we can to get this black man outa here"
Meanwhile another black man, Herman Cain, came out of Florida as a Tea Party favorite to run for president. He just won the straw poll down there. He holds no animosity towards the respected actor, but just wondering--would Freeman have supported Cain if he was the GOP nominee against Hillary in 2008? What if Cain is their nominee this time?

Freeman went on to tell Morgan that Obama needs to start "bloodying some noses", a strategy with which Morgan seemed to agree. Is it any wonder Obama just told the CBC crowd to get their marching shoes on and fight? By the way, just imagine some white actor telling Bill O'Reilly that Sarah Palin (target of constant ridicule from the moonbats and hustlers from orgs like the CBC and NAACP), needs to start bloodying some noses and get the Tea Party on the streets to fight. The POTUS might even fly to Tuscon and do another speech.

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