Thursday, August 29, 2013

More Pretzels

Here's White House spokesman Josh Earnest doing his own pretzel imitation...

Gee, the smartest administration in history doesn't know that regime change in Iraq was the stated policy of the US Government, not just the Bush administration? 

It's funny watching Henry remind him of what Obama said in his famous 'dumb war' speech in 2002--the speech that basically got him elected over Hillary, while Earnest pretends he hasn't studied the analogy enough to comment.  Guffaw.

Mr Josh assures us Syria won't be open-ended, hell, Bush didn't lobby anyone that Iraq would be open-ended either.  And good Lord, this same administration up until recently was saying Assad's 'days are numbered'.   They've now done a complete 180 on that, assuring us that Obama wants nothing to do with regime change.

Earnest is right, there really isn't a good comparison between Syria and Iraq. He knows that unlike Saddam, Assad has not recently shot at our aircraft or tried to assassinate a president, and certainly hasn't invaded neighboring countries.  He's done some bad stuff, like killing his own people, acting as a conduit for Hizballah and probably having Rafik Hariri killed, but this is basic tinpot behavior and not directly threatening to the US.

The funnier thing is watching president smart war saying he can do a quick in and out, a shot across the bow to remind Big Ass of our big stick should he ever consider using those WMDs again, which begs the question of what happens if we do a pinprick attack and leave Chinless in power and he uses WMD again somewhere down the line.  After all, the international norm must be maintained at all costs, no matter what the UN or anyone else says.  Except in Iraq. 


Right Truth said...

Where did Syria get all of these WMD's? Could that have been trucked over from Iraq prior to our invasion??? Just asking.

What happened to Egypt? Egypt has dropped out of the news completely since Obama decided to make Syria a big deal. Why? The Muslim Brotherhood connections to Obama and the White House?

Just present the media with another direction to look, a new set of talking points, and like little children looking at a new toy or another piece of candy, they obediently look the other wya.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Yes, they've employed the "look, squirrel!" tactic many times. The media has helped.

Surely hell is still breaking loose in Egypt, it just isn't being covered. Obama admin is supposedly still doing an 'assessment' as to whether it was a coup or not, which Joe Sixpack could have told him on day two.

It really appears they've lost control of everything, which does not produce any warm fuzzies.