Friday, July 18, 2014

Iran Nuke Update

The ultimate Friday document dump...
Diplomats say Iran and six powers have extended nuclear talks until Nov. 24 after realizing that differences were too big to reach a deal by the Sunday, the informal deadline..
Here's State Dept Spoxlady Jen Psaki being asked about her comments last year regarding consequences for Iran if they failed to reach an agreement by Sunday.  Keep in mind a bi-partisan group in the Senate was pushing a bill to enact sanctions if this did not occur...
QUESTION: Hold on. Eight months ago, you said from that podium, “If the Iranians don’t get to a yes at the end of six months, we can put in place more sanctions.” Is that not the case anymore?
MS. PSAKI: Well, look, I think, Lucas, our focus here and our primary goal is preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. We are going to let the negotiations proceed on the ground. There’ll be ongoing discussions with a range of senior officials, with members of Congress, and I’m not going to get ahead of that process.
So no, apparently that is no longer the case.  The new "deadline" is November 24, 2014, the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Meanwhile Bashar Assad just got "reelected" to a seven year term and Putin just helped shoot down a commercial airliner.  But according to State good progress is being made, or as WH spox Josh Earnest might characterize it, we are seeing more tranquility in the world thanks to administration policies.  

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