Monday, August 03, 2015

Aviation Update

You really have to hand it to NBC News for this...
"Island Storm may Help (or Hinder) Search for MH370 Clues"
That's some hard-hitting stuff right there.   Maybe Neptune will arise from the sea with the plane in his hand.

Meanwhile, has anyone confirmed how long the "flaperon" was lying on the beach at Reunion? Evidently they will try to gauge the barnacle growth to make a guess but without knowing how long it was there it seems a little suspect.  And if the part had been lying there for months why would anyone think more debris would wash up now, storm or no storm?

By the way, what happened to the imminent volcanic eruption?

Anyway, the French NTSB (BEA) has the flaperon and apparently that means they have control of the investigation now. Based on their findings on a few previous and somewhat strange international crashes...
We still don't know the actual causes of several mysterious crashes of late, including Air Algerie 5017, Ethiopian 409, Afriqiyah 771, Yemenia 626, MH370, and AirAsia QZ8501. We don't know what triggered the battery fire on UPS flight 6 out of Dubai. Most of these crashes were investigated in full or in part by the BEA. seems completely fitting.  Yes, I am cynical. 

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