Monday, March 10, 2014

Attkisson Out at CBS

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has negotiated her way out at CBS. And judging from the Politico report that newsroom might be a lot more in Obama's tank than previously thought:
But Attkisson had become a polarizing figure at the network, sources there said. While some championed her relentless dedication to investigations — ranging from defective Firestone tires to the Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal — others saw evidence of a political agenda, particularly against President Barack Obama.
Got that?  Reporting on huge government screw-ups that would have been covered relentlessly by CBS (and all the rest) had Bush or Romney been involved (and relentlessly BY 60 MINUTES no doubt) becomes evidence of a 'political agenda' when it involves Obama. Sorta makes her point.

Expect to see a lot of dirt thrown about her between now and the time her book comes out.  They will say the book itself is evidence of an agenda.  But any book she writes will likely expose who she thinks hacked not only her work computer, but her home PC, another story that would have been huge if roles were reversed.  Hell, if this had happened during Bush Hollywood would have made a movie about it, maybe starring Naomi Watts with Sean Penn as her heroic producer speaking truth to GOP power.

It goes without saying she's privy to a lot of inside baseball stuff at the network and the MSM in general, which could be rather juicy insofar as telling the tale of what got spiked. 

And speaking of hot babes working for CBS, what's up with Lara Logan, another investigative reporter who dared touch a liberal third rail?  She's still listed as a correspondent on the show but CBS isn't commenting on when she'll return from her "leave of absence".   Wonder how long her sentence is?  And wonder what happened to Dylan Davies, her disgraced source, who at last check was on the run to escape threats to his family


Anonymous said...

This may explain it.....That reporting revealed that President Obama’s deputy national security advisor, Ben Rhodes — brother of CBS News president David Rhodes — was instrumental in changing the talking points in September 2012.

Read more:

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks anonymous. Not hard to see how hound-dogging the talking points story could be seen as 'advocacy' in the admin. They've been trying to obfuscate the fact that the original CIA assessment mentioned "terrorism" and AQ elements, which was scrubbed by State and mysterious others.

Then the admin has the nerve to go out and tell the public that the "CIA changed the talking points". Amazing. Depressing. But reality.