Thursday, March 06, 2014

Obama and Constitutions

According to our constitutional scholar president, the action taken by the Crimea section of Ukraine to secede into the Russian Republic was "unconstitutional":
Speaking from the White House on Thursday, President Obama called “unconstitutional” a planned referendum in the Crimea over whether people there want to remain part of Ukraine, and reiterated a series of steps Russian President Vladimir Putin could take to “de-escalate” the conflict in the region
One day earlier the same president unilaterally changed the Affordable Care Act with the stroke of his own pen (presumably he didn't call anyone). The same president appointed people to his administration when the Senate was still in session.  Just sayin--when you don't live by your words your words don't mean much.

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Debbie said...

Obama continues and not one real attempt is made to stop him. ...

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