Sunday, October 05, 2014

Comey Interview

60 Minutes interviewed the Director of the FBI tonight, James Comey.   For those who've forgotten or never knew, Comey was Deputy Attorney General under Ashcroft in the Bush 43 administration and got semi-famous in the "Ashcroft Hospital Drama".

Perhaps the biggest bombshell of the interview was his mention of Khorasan, aka al-Nusra, aka Core Al Qaeda, suggesting an attack might be coming.   Which means the US didn't bomb them away a few weeks ago.  What he didn't say was the precise method of attack, probably through the air and possibly involving toothpaste if other reporting can be believed.  It's funny watching the administration scaring folks in this area while at the same time suggesting the threat from Ebola-infected fliers is zero. 

Anyway, the funniest moment was when he was discussing domestic "lone wolf" jihadists.  Comey said "lone wolf" was too good a description for them, preferring "lone rat".  Nice--especially to see the look on Scott Pelley's face.

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