Friday, October 03, 2014

Time for a Break

A completely selfish sports break.  The baseball playoffs have started and we have a Cinderella team this year--the Kansas City Royals, who haven't seen in playoff action since they last beat the Cardinals in the 1985 I-70 Series.   As a Cardinal fan, that was the worst World Series imaginable, featuring the infamous Don Denkinger blown call in game 6 with 1 out in the ninth that led to a total collapse.

But live long enough and (unless you're a Cubs fan) sometimes a game or series will come along to forever erase the pain of the past and even the future.  For me that was game 6 of the 2011 World Series.  It will never be topped.   

So, as the Cards-Dodgers start play tonight in the NLDS here's a tribute to that game, and the classic call made by ESPN radio announcer  Don Shulman  (by far better than Joe Buck's lame TV calls)..

and the Fox video highlights..

Back to all the politics, misery, disease and horribleness later. 

MORE  10/03/14

Well, shades of 2011.  Another big game for Matt Carpenter off the league's best pitcher.  Of course, immediately after the Cardinals put up a snowman on Kershaw people started tweeting about him 'tipping' pitches or the Cards stealing signs.   Sigh.  If the Cards were cheating how does Matt Holliday hit a HR on the first pitch against the reliever brought in after Kershaw?   This is the kind of crap that gets thrown out against the second-best baseball franchise in history (behind the Yankees).   They put their heads down and grind.  They play in fly-over country.  They win.  They are not flashy.  And the swells hate them. 

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