Thursday, December 18, 2014

First Amendment Hypocrisy

Dean Obeidallah has his shorts in a bunch over at CNN calling out conservatives for hypocrisy because some have criticized Sony over pulling "the Interview" (a comedy that allegedly ends with NorK leader Lil Kim Jong Un's head catching fire and exploding) but the same people called for pulling a 2006 movie his girlfriend starred in called "Death of a President", which featured the assassination of Dubya.

So let's get his outrage straight.  A comedy featuring the current NK leader's death is the same as a docu-drama about the death of the US president.   Just imagine his reaction had Dinesh D'Souza's last movie ended with Obama getting shot by a firing squad or something.  Hell, D'Souza was sent to jail for investigating the president's anti-imperialist background alone.  Oh sorry, for a campaign violation, ahem.

And of course Hollywood would only make such a movie if the firing squad was a band of rogue Teabaggers wearing don't tread on me t-shirts.  But Hollywood and the Obama State Department were all-in on blowing off Kim's head.  Hey, the administration made a point today to vigorously defend Hollywood and creative people everywhere in exercising their first amendment rights.

Which is odd, because the same people have completely forgotten what they said caused Benghazi and the other uprisings on Sept 11, 2012--an ugly video about Mohammed.  The same people even made a TV commercial at taxpayer expense to be shown in Pakistan begging forgiveness and separating the US from that ugly Mohammed film from Nakoula, who was tossed in jail.  Oh right, for a previous warrant, ahem.  The president even told the UN that the future doesn't belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.  He was right, Nakoula's future certainly got worse.

The administration even took the unprecedented step of asking You Tube to take his video down

So Dean, if you're looking for some hypocrisy, whoops there it is. 

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