Monday, December 29, 2014

Year in Review

This is making the rounds.  Frankly I think we all need a dose of this kind of satire more often than not, and Dave Barry is the master.

Will post just one snippet..
Elsewhere on the political front, Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee release an explosive and controversial report alleging that the CIA repeatedly poured buckets of ice water on people’s heads.
CIA defenders claim this was done for a good cause, although nobody is sure what it is. Former Vice President Dick Cheney, appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press, bites the head off a live rabbit.
Oddly, you won't find that snippet in the WaPo's version of Barry's column.  You'll need to go to the Miami Herald version.  Why would the WaPo edit the part about the torture report? Wait, they also left out a paragraph about the Sony hack. And his ribbing of the names of Southeast Asians.

Ah yes, a fitting end to the year.

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