Monday, February 16, 2015

Comparative Outrage

Here's a family member of the three Muslims killed in North Carolina talking to CNN's Jake Tapper...

So it's "open season" on Muslims in America due to American Sniper and all the murders taking place everywhere, like the beheading of the woman in Oklahoma and the police attacks in New York, and yeah, no.  By the way, Tapper went way out of his way to show a sympathy he would have given almost nobody else.

Contrast her comments with those of another Muslim woman, this one released from an Israeli prison a few years ago for assisting in the murder of Israelis in a pizzeria bombing that took the lives of 8 children...

No remorse.  She would do it again, for her Muslim faith.   She is not alone.  

Seemingly confused about all of this, Tapper's network called it a bad week for "religion".   

As to the first woman, there's just something not right with those comments.  Despite the grief.  

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