Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Question for King Abdullah

Not surprisingly he's pissed about his pilot, and some reports say he's ready to strap in a fighter jet and do a few sorties himself.

But maybe, after the initial anger subsides, someone can ask about this...
She is the daughter of one of the most notorious dictators in the world, and a woman who has openly pledged her support for ISIS. But that doesn't mean Raghad Saddam Hussein doesn't have an eye for design, as she hopes to prove with her new jewellery range - complete with pieces unshamedly inspired by her despot father, as well as the husband he had murdered.
The Daily Mail asks, why is she still there?  Raghad was the subject of a Interpol Red Notice several years ago, and was listed on Iraq's most-wanted terrorist list. But here she is, living the QVC Kardashian life in Amman, Jordan, while praising ISIS and dropping more clues about their origins:
She expressed delight after militants captured Tikrit, her father’s hometown, last year, telling Jordanian newspaper Al-Quds: 'These are victories of my father’s fighters and my uncle Izzat Al-Douri.'
Does the fact Jordan won't give her up suggest they might fear a reaction from the hinterlands about sending a Hussein back to the Persians?  Or is it that that she's a dangerous character with some kind of dangerous leverage?  Or she herself is leverage against their neighbors?  Or is it just mercy for a spoiled twit who wouldn't understand the game of Risk much less be able to run a country or an insurgency? 

Someone could ask.  After all, someone thought she was worth putting on a list and she seems to have an endless supply of cash and that whole affair with her husband defecting to...Jordan, back in 1995, was just plain weird.

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