Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hard to Disagree

As much as the thought of another Bush in the White House is like anticipating a root canal, Jeb's vision of US foreign policy is pretty hard to disagree with:
“We now have a president — the first one, I believe, in the post-World War II era — that believes that America’s power is not appropriate and America’s presence is not a force for good,” Jeb Bush told a crowd of business leaders in Columbus, Ohio, this week.
“He’s wrong. With all due respect, he is just plain wrong.” “America needs to lead. America needs to stay engaged,” he added. “America’s friends need to know that we have their back over the long haul, and our enemies need to fear us a little bit.”
He's also not apologizing for thinking that way despite the polls, which is a likeable and useful trait in a president. Do not take this an endorsement, other Republicans may share it as well, and Bush will have to convince people he's not a warmonger thanks to his brother who refuses to defend himself.  But it's the correct way to think about foreign policy.  It's not just the economy, stupid.

Making some broad assumptions, it will be interesting to see how Hillary might react to such a position considering her reputation as a foreign policy hawk. It might force her to move left on the issue if there's a primary and back right in the general election.  All the more reason for the Democrats to just crown her and move forward if they can get away with it.   

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