Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Obligatory Peace in our Time Post

Obama seemed to be in a very feisty mood announcing his awesome framework deal with the world's leading sponsor of terrorism and death to America quotes.   The framework deal summary is here; following is an internet yahoo's summary of the summary.

First, imagine making a similar deal with Saddam Hussein.  Imagine had George W. Bush not invaded in 2003 and the No-Fly Zones were still in place and somehow we made it to 2008 without a blow-up and new president Obama extended his hand to the Butcher. 

Imagine a deal that would have allowed the Butcher to maintain some of the enriched uranium under stockpile and retain a nuke program for civilian power, so long as he didn't do anything funny for 10 years, with his reward being a lifting of many sanctions.  Now substitute the slightly less crazy Mullahs for Saddam and that appears to be where we are now, Iran retaining its nuke program.  Wait, could Obama even have made a nuke deal with the Iranians with Saddam still in power?  Probably not.  Use your imagination.   

This bottom line is what the asshole, er, the pain in the ass, uh sorry, the chickenshit in Jerusalem said when he came to DC.  The Mullahs have only to wait for ten years until they reach their goal, with our blessing.  A country that has not allowed full scale inspections--like Iraq--will now be regulated over a deal allowing them to keep a nuke program by rough and tumble international inspectors who couldn't find Iraq's WMD buried all over the desert and completely missed Gaddafy's program.

Ten years goes by fast.  We are coming up on the 14th anniversary of 9/11 this September. 

Anyway, the mainstream media will more than likely be treating the Iranian leaders similar to Gorbachev soon, heralding the historic accord and volunteering them for the Nobel.  Congress, bypassed in the process again, will express displeasure and be ignored and shamed.  If they dare do something bold they will be threatening world unity.

The Euros will slither back to their bicycles and lattes satisfied they did everything they could without having much of an army to back it up, while the the Russians and Chinese will offer somber hope while secretly high-fiving in the background (you know if they are onboard the deal must be better for them than us).

But the bottom line is this:  by coddling the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism and death to America chants and allowing them to keep their nuke program, Obama will not have to grind over authorizing an airstrike at 3am before his term ends, freeing him up for more important things like selfie sticks, April Fools videos, dances on Ellen, and punishing his enemy.

The Israelis?  If they bomb they are on their own, against the entire world.  Surely that has been made clear.

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