Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Iraq Victory Update

Another defeat in Iraq, another round of taxpayer-funded mechanized military hardware in the hands of ISIS:
A Pentagon spokesman, Col. Steve Warren, estimated that a half dozen tanks were abandoned, a similar number of artillery pieces, a larger number of armored personnel carriers and about 100 wheeled vehicles like Humvees. He said some of the vehicles were in working condition; others were not because they had not been moved for months.
Now we have to blow it all up. But according to Josh Earnest that's just a 'setback', we are winning otherwise.  So don't let your hair catch fire.  Unless you're an ISIS hostage in a cage, in which case you're screwed.  

Pretty amazing considering recent events--reminiscent of a certain infamous political figure, but here's the bottom line: as long as public opinion polls say no more ground troops in Iraq the president doesn't have to do squat.  Everyone knows he doesn't have a strategy TO WIN; such a strategy would be dangerous and costly.   So he has a strategy--it's called throwing BS around, pretending there is a viable coalition, doing some raids and air cover for the hapless Iraqis while trying to keep the Iranians at bay and negotiating on nukes, all of which acts to run out the clock through 2017.  If ISIS succeeds in pulling off a domestic terrorist attack, blame Bush, unless it's something like this, which would change public opinion on boots.  And they could still blame Bush. Yes, they are that craven.   

Meanwhile in the housekeeping department, apparently the King of Clubs may not be so dead after all (unless this new Izzat is the look-alike phony).  Word is the Iraqi government could not verify his death through DNA because they lacked samples.  Wonder if Mubarak al-Douri might be able to help? 

We also await the formal announcement of the death of AQ number three Adnan Shukrijumah, reported deceased last year in Pakistan, while his face is still on the FBI most-wanted page.  Why is this?  If it's about a DNA match, at last check his family still lives in Florida. 

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know, it took the FBI eight months to remove Fawzi Ayoub from its Most Wanted Terrorists list. He was killed in late May 2014 but not removed from the list until early February of this year.

Shukrijumah will probably remain on the list for a couple of more months at the least. I admit it's very strange that the FBI is complaining about DNA when they don't have Adam Gadahn's corpse either yet he's no longer on their list.