Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Behind Closed Doors

Not the old Charlie Rich song (people like to talk, oh don't they love to talk), the new Obama song and dance:
A key part of his message, he said, will be: “Stop saying one thing behind closed doors and saying something else publicly.” He then explained: “There are a lot of Arab countries more concerned about Iran developing a nuclear weapon than the ‘threat’ from Israel, but won’t admit it.”
Weird, because Obama has most likely informed the region's leaders about his public scolding to come when they recently met--behind closed doors.

And since Obama is in the mood for transparency and was likely steeped in his Middle East affairs by scholars like Rashid Khalidi (who seems to favor a one-state solution), isn't it time for him to pressure the LA Times to release the video of him with Khalidi, Ayers and Dohrn they sat on during the final weeks of the campaign? If memory serves that was also a behind closed doors event.

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