Tuesday, June 30, 2009

By Any Other Name

Has any previous administration employed verbal subterfuge as much as the six months of Obama's? Stimulus, transparency, IGs, Iran, Honduras, and this cap and tax mess. It's as if a slick car salesman has talked his way into the White House. Here's a quote from his Sunday press klatch discussing the 'energy independence' bill:
So the future part of it -- this really hangs that the future part is greater in the United States; that, you know, Ford is now deeply committed, and I think GM and Chrysler are coming along, deeply committed -- their future is not to lobby to sell big, heavy inefficient cars. They're realizing now in a world 10 or 20 years from now their future will be in manufacturing light, energy efficient cars, because will have to want to buy those because the price of oil will be higher.

So this is really a bill that helps give industry a certainty that this is coming along, rather than depending whether you start now or five years from now -- let's start it now.
What a doozy. One translation might be: "the auto companies are 'coming along' because their balls are in a vice with the WH logo; other industries will follow suit because if they don't we'll put 'em out of business. American families will like their new beer can POSmobiles --and they'll thank me for letting them like 'em! And, hey, how about that Wayne Gretzky".

There's a milder version where Obama really thinks putting the economy under a lockdown during a recession will bloom growth and he really, really wants us all to believe, so bad he's going back on his no tax promise.

But all the subterfuge, evil eyes, and smiling backstabs are now redundant with Franken in the house, er Senate. Liberal Utopia has arrived! No need for bipartisanship, brother. The guy who called Limbaugh a big fat idiot will help show us all the way.


Debbie said...

Many of the things Obama is doing can be reversed if we get him out of office and a conservative Republican in office, along with some conservative Republicans in Congress... However, healthcare is different. If that boondoggle gets passed, it will be hanging around our necks forever.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

There's really no way to stop it now.

christian soldier said...

Thank you for stopping over --

Your have a good one here and you have been at it for awhile--thank you for standing in the gap til we 'newbies' caught up :-)

I notice that you have a section on your roll for left leaning sites-since I believe in opposition 'research' I'll either stop by to click and read them or-if I can figure out how to separate them-as you did-I'll put a couple on my roll..

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks yourself for dropping by, I really enjoyed your post. Brief and to the point. That's better for blogging than the verbosity that sometimes goes on around here, but then again, whadya want for free!

As to lefty sites, Huffpo is a good source for headlines and is a well-layed out blog. Just stay away from the columnists or your head might explode! The others can occasionally be fair minded but all in all, they're Americans with a voice and it's worthy to consider all who speak with sincerity. Besides, it's helpful to know thine enemies.