Monday, December 26, 2011

Humanizing Spock

Have you noticed?  The man once described as cold, aloof, detached, and Spock-like has been getting a makeover of late.  Today on Drudge....

Those can be powerful images when combined with dead terrorists and a slightly improved economy.  A president's ability to 'connect' with normal life and people is paramount in marketing him to the masses, and Axelrod is definitely pushing that angle. They need to make Obama look more human.

So ask yourself this--since it's a given that a president needs to be seen as more than a wise man sitting in the Oval Office solving problems and barking orders, which current GOP contender has the PR skills to do the fluff stuff as well or better than Obama?   My answer: there are a few high-visibility GOP figures who could do it as well if not better, but they aren't running (it's not about competence, it's about getting elected).

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