Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Betcha a Million Bucks

That the spin from Romney's ill-advised 10,000 dollar bet offer with Perry in last night's debate will end up being spun more as elitist than just generally stupid:
After trying so hard to prove to people that he is just a regular guy, multi-millionaire Romney "may have given his GOP rivals and President Obama a gold-plated gift in Saturday’s debate in Iowa," writes the LA Times. "Not a lot of 99%'ers are out there making $10,000 bets," tweeted a former Obama White House aide, adding, "If corporations were people, $10,000 bets actually wouldn't be that big of a deal."
Uh, which candidate in the race, or former candidate currently residing in the White House, isn't a 'multi-millionaire'? Had Romney used 5 dollars that would have been too small to back his claim.  Maybe he should have used a trillion, since that would have served to remind people of the debt and couldn't have been spun as couch cushion change in his den.

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