Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thanks, Important GWoT Ally

Hard to figure if the Pakistanis are still our allies against terrorism or if two recent events are just more chapters in the greatest Hollywood act in the history of Hollywood acts.  One--they are threatening to shoot down drones that cross into their airspace (after closing a drone base inside the country in retaliation for their troops firing on our soldiers)--and just as Iran captured a drone we gave them.  Two, they are going to release UBL's three wives, including the 'hot' one.

It's like they're mad at us or something.  But that can't be! Obama just chastised a reporter who dared question his foreign policy successes by telling him to "ask bin Laden.." (maybe he should ask UBL's wives).  Meanwhile, if Pakistan is still bluffing they've just made it nearly impossible to attack and kill any more enemies in the tribal areas, so Obama's foreign policy success appears to be all stealth.  Or maybe Obama's next foreign policy move is to invade Pakistan.  Unless they are all bluffing.

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