Monday, February 20, 2012

It's About Time...

After being officially at war with terrorists since late 2001 it's nice to see a movie is finally coming out that portrays American troops as heroes...fighting terrorists.

"Act of Valor" is getting a lot of ink today.  Reviewers are touting it's authentic Navy SEAL cast and unconventional, non-Pentagon endorsed beginnings as it prepares to open on the 24th. Actress Roselyn Sanchez, who plays the CIA agent (yet another strange thing-- an apparently sympathetic spook) comments about working with the SEALS:
“What surprised me was how unaffected and cool they were," Sanchez told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column of the SEALs. "Here they were doing a Hollywood movie and it wasn’t a big deal, they went along for the ride, they did their thing and they were incredible. I didn’t see any diva behavior. It was new for me to work with guys that even if they were waiting around for eight hours and didn’t have a trailer, they were content. It was refreshing.”
Roselyn must have forgotten what normal men are like.  At any rate, the movie apparently shows our guys blowing up terrorists, even of the Islamic variety (albeit Chechen), which is something Hollywood was loathe to do during the Bushitler years. During World War II Hollywood was urged by FDR to make pro-war films and cut down on the grisly reality-based kind, which undoubtedly helped morale at home. But aside from "Blackhawk Down" in 2001--made during the Clinton years--it's hard to think of any Hollywood productions during the Bush years that made the US military look valiant fighting terrorists.

While it's tempting to apply politics, ie, a democrat is back in the White House so it's time to produce patriotic movies again, this one began filming in 2007.  Nevertheless it will act as a political tool insofar as showing the SEALS in action, reminding folks of how Obama got Osama (and a substitute for the postponed release of the UBL movie, originally scheduled to premier just after the Democratic convention), however some parties may object based on the bad guys, which could have been another reason Hollywood laid low (afraid of the fatwa). But politics aside, the movie sounds great. It sounds old-fashioned. Maybe it'll even have a happy ending.


Debbie said...

I saw the previews at the theater yesterday (we watched SAFE HOUSE with Denzel Washington).

Can't wait to see this one, it looked fantastic.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

It's amazing to see the lefties bash the movie.. well wait, it's not. It's what they normally do all the time. It's what Hollywood did all during Bush--make anti war, anti American we lose and we deserve it type of movies.

But what about bin Laden!? Obama got UBL with the Navy SEALs. How can the left support Obama heck yeah on that one and turn around and call the movie a propaganda film?