Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Well Of Course They Knew

Is it really supposed to be shocking that Stratfor allegedly reported that the ISI allegedly knew of UBL's arrangement in Abbotabad?   Who doesn't think that elements in official Pakistan had set up the bearded one in a nice safe house (even importing his wives and kids)?  Yeah, a lot of 'allegeds' in the above but just from a commoner perspective the building of the complex alone should have been enough to spark rumors and inquiries in a garrison town.

Wildly assuming the emails are true, a slightly touchy question arises... if the ISI knew, when did they know?  Clearly if they set up binny they knew from the beginning, meaning they might have known UBL's whereabouts as early as when he left Tora Bora.  Or maybe before.     

But the bigger question is a lot touchier...when did the US or western nations first know?  Short of "they didn't know for sure until the raid" (gutsy call, standard line), any other answer could be a bit problematic--and not just for the present president.  Reports are now saying the USG has decided to go after Assange, for what it's worth.  Not that he doesn't deserve it--he does--but when he was leaking Bush-era secrets the intensity didn't seem to be there.

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Right Truth said...

Yes they should go after Asange, but we need to be tough on Bradley Manning (poor baby, confused young man, gay, upset with DADT... blah blah blah)

Sure the ISI knew, but knowing they knew and proving they knew ....

Stratfor has been a disappointment with all their records being hacked, etc. And some of the silly stuff in their emails.

Right Truth