Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Really Matters

Lotsa words written about the contraceptives vs the Catholics issue, so won't belabor it. In a nutshell: one, contraceptives should not be 'free' coming from a government mandate.  They are widely available and accessible.  They are not preventative of disease, they are preventative of pregnancy.  They enhance recreational sex.  What's so hard to understand there?  OK yes, there are times when contraceptives become a life-saving formula, which should of course be covered.  But the Catholic Church (or anyone else) should not be forced to cover something non-disease preventative because a president says so.  What the hell happened to the Dems' fear of imperial presidencies?

Two, yes, the Dems coordinate their message.  Whether Media Matters, MoveOn, Center for Progress, Van Jones, White House flaks, mainstreamers; they all coordinate.  The Journolist proved it.  That fact was obvious today just by listening to the radio and reading blogs and message boards, then watching so-called press conferences like this one.  Suddenly a bunch of liberals were all using an analogy with Christian Scientists and blood transfusions, followed by suggestions that conservatives hate women.

It's all a distraction of course.  The real issue continues to be jobs, jobs, jobs.. it has for 3 years.   And the security situation around the world.  But the Obama-approved media would rather cover stories about sex and stodgy stereotyped conservatives than actually have sex themselves, so it's hardly a fair playing field, and it only gets worse.   Maybe if the GOP could figure out a way to get lingerie or flashy thighs into these issues somehow... wait. 

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