Friday, December 20, 2013

Don't Panic, All is Well

That seems to be the takeaway from the Presidential end-of-year presser today, featuring Baghdad Bob Obama. Don't worry, everything is fine, off to Hawaii, choom mihalo!

It was called 'feisty', which is absurd based on the idea that Helen Thomas and Sam Donaldson once inhabited the same press pool, but feisty represents a good analysis of how easy he's had it so far.  As to any content, well, aside from the typical domestic filibustering BS answers the single most important subject was Iran.  Several reporters tried to get him to comment on the pressure coming from Congress on sanctions--pressure that includes many Democrats.  He would not back down.

And in a way his position seems reasonable, at least in a perfect world.  We finally have the Iranians at the table after all these years, so is really necessary to give them reasons to back away?   But the world is not perfect, despite liberal dreams.  It never will be.  In the imperfect world Obama heralded a nuclear deal on November 23rd that was supposed to feature a six-month period to allow the Iranians to comply, yet the six month clock is still not ticking.  The average person might say, "hey, don't we have a nuke deal with Iran?"  Not yet.  But MSM sound bites equal reality. 

Maybe that's why the pressure is coming from Congress.  Perhaps the pressure is not designed to make sure Iran complies as much as it's designed to pressure the administration to force action while stopping them from creating an open-ended negotiating session where six months lasts three years, allowing Iran more time to advance their program.  And they aren't that far away according to experts.

It's trite to say that nobody cares--that everyone is focusing on gay sex and duck callers.  It's true America has entered an age where few care about foreign policy anymore, but there's a good reason.  It's called a decade of focusing on nothing but foreign policy and war.

So in a perfect world the president would be expending inordinate amounts of time and political capital explaining the disaster that has come to define the Obama Doctrine.  But in the imperfect real world the peeps are burned out about looking outward.  Our battle has shifted inward now.  We don't need foreign enemies anymore, all the enemies are within.  As for the president, well, he must consider himself to be one of the luckiest men alive.

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