Saturday, December 21, 2013

Odds n Ends

This one tweet describes the Obama press corpse better than anything I've done here in the last five years..

As if more evidence was needed, here's an  AP report on Obama's excellent Christmas Hawaiian vacation, informing readers that the president has scheduled nothing for two weeks except fun, reminding everyone that previous attempts were, ahem, rudely interrupted by the Tea Party or trivialities like the failed Abdulmuttalab Detroit underwear bombing.  OK, correction, they forgot to mention the underwear bombing.  The story ends with sugar plum fairy hopes that this one will be stress-free...
Conditions seem ripe this year for a few weeks of interrupted family time. Obama did spend part of Saturday morning conferring with top national security aides about the situation in South Sudan, where U.S. military aircraft evacuating Americans from the violence-plagued African nation came under gunfire and had to divert to Uganda. The White House said four U.S. troops were injured in that incident.
Delaying golf for important briefings?  Wonder if he also got an update from the Health Department?  Anyway, here's to aces,  shaved ice, and a stress-free vacation for everyone (we should all be so lucky).  God forbid there be any 3 AM phone calls.  But if there are, well, blame Bush!   So merry Xmas, yo.  

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