Saturday, February 15, 2014

ABC animates the Universe

Wow, hard to believe somebody could find symbolism in the sinkhole that swallowed the Corvettes in Kentucky and use it to condemn America for global warming, excessive capitalism and political malaise.  Then again, it's coming from one of our beloved mainstream media deep thinkers...
If we just listen to the universe and see things a little more clearly we might realize all of us may need to adjust our life to be more in sync with the Earth. That maybe respect and compassion for each other and the world is what has been lost. And that a simpler humbler way of living and leading is what we are being asked to do.
Actually the planet has gotten to the point where it is no longer asking, but demanding. It seems until we learn that lesson and let it sink in, sink holes will continue to swallow up the old models whether that is classic corvettes or outdated institutions. I am not arguing we give up our cars, but possibly if we take our foot off the gas of life, we might see what Mother Earth is trying to tell us.
First off, had Dowd used "God" instead of animating in-animate matter his editors probably wouldn't have allowed the story in print.  A "message from God" from our PC media is only allowable when discussing movies about Chicago musician/comedians or in stories about rebel flag waving rednecks, or stories about Bush.   

But it's good they did because it illustrates the kind of twits we have reporting our daily news. Dowd is probably not alone in believing a sinkhole in Kentucky somehow has unique universal symbolism because it swallowed some really cool inventions of American ingenuity (which have provided many people great lives through decent jobs over the years) as opposed to say a sinkhole opening up in Florida and swallowing a man sleeping in bed, who was never found.

No, this event provided the perfect jump off to bash Americans as excessive ignoramuses who ignore science (what "Mother Earth", another inanimate object, is trying to tell us) while the writer himself ignores the science that might actually explain why the museum suffered the cave-in.  Caves.  Could it perhaps be the geology of the region (see page 8), which includes the fabulous "Mammoth Cave"? 

Or could it be due to the harsh winter, which due to the frequent freezing/thawing of the ground has brought the term "frost quakes" into the lexicon?

Perhaps the "Universe" is only trying to tell developers to consider geology a bit more in planning. Or perhaps the screaming message is really that 'stuff happens'.  But in the end it's always easier to blame capitalism.  A lot easier for the rubes to believe than a soulless scientific explanation. 

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