Thursday, February 20, 2014

Surveying the Press

Here's Ed Henry from Fox asking White House spokesman Josh Earnest for a comment about the proposed FCC survey of newsrooms currently making a stir...

What the fork?  Are we to believe he seriously knows nothing about the story?  Holy mackerel, did they miss the Obama-appointed FCC Commissioner's Wall St Journal op-ed on February 10th?  The entire press room should have coughed "BS" in a manner befitting that famous scene in Animal House. 

But not one journalist followed up on Henry's question and pestered the spokesman for more information.  This despite the fact it affects their own business.  Nope, they strangely seem to have zero curiosity.  Maybe they think it's only designed to target Fox News and Limbaugh.  Or maybe they know.

As if that's not bad enough, some of the so-called reporters actually have a habit of thanking the press briefer after the briefing's over. For holding the briefing.  Uh hello, it's his damn job to answer questions.  Thank him?  The Fourth Estate is supposed to stop the press secretary from wasting everyone's time by throwing out unchallenged talking points for an hour.  One has to wonder what are they actually writing in their notebooks when everything is available on administration web sites. 

Cripes, the State Dept hasn't done a televised briefing all week despite their leader saying Global Warming was the worstest WMD on the planet, or his boss warning Ukraine they would be sorry for crossing his latest line in the sand.  Or Syria. Where is the outraged press to demand answers on the record?  Nowhere.

OK yes, there are no men biting dogs here.  But for someone who grew up watching the media pester politicians and every single presidential administration since the late 60s these last five years have been like watching a slow motion train wreck or an alien space craft landing on the White House lawn.   It's just hard to believe.

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