Sunday, February 23, 2014

At what point...

....will the media say 'enough' to the intimidation?
Democrat Rep. Gary Peters is running for the Senate in Michigan and he doesn't like a political ad from Americans for Prosperity being shown on TV stations there. His attorneys at Perkins Coie have sent a letter to local television stations implying their licenses could be in jeopardy if they continue playing the ad.
Hmm. Well in case it hasn't been pointed out, these same tactics have been used before, several times..
Straight out of the Democratic handbook Harry Reid used to threaten ABC’s broadcast license for showing the “Path to 9/11,” here’s Obama lawyer Robert Bauer warning station managers not to air the NRA’s new anti-Obama “Hunter” ad if they want to stay in the FCC’s good graces.
Obviously Peters is not in the administration but he's certainly in touch with the leadership, who undoubtedly know the tactic very well.  Add this to the recent Orwellian study the FCC was about to embark upon examining how editorial decisions are made in newsrooms and it's clear the left is going to use anything and everything to retain the Senate this fall.

As they threaten broadcast licenses (in the shadow of Representative Clyburn's daughter in a leadership position at FCC) will the mainstream media ever wake up and realize they are wearing useful idiot suits?  Just last week the White House Press Corpse became outraged again (in a relative sense) because they were kept out of an impromptu side-door meeting Obama had with the Dalai Lama, enough for them to draft another formal access complaint.  Jay Carney spent some time Friday doing his best syrupy damage control, but it didn't take much because few complained overall.  There was no media fracus.

These rank intimidation tactics are likely to be used over and over again, so we'll have to see if any true feathers get ruffled.  After all, surely they are being counted on to do their part--to the best of their abilities--this fall.

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