Thursday, January 29, 2015

End of Conflict?

The conservative media keyed on White House spokesman Eric Schultz's answer to a question from ABC's Jon Karl saying that ISIS are terrorists but the Taliban are only 'armed insurgents'.  That's pretty bad.   Karl asked the question in regards to why the trade of Bergdahl was not considered giving concessions to terrorists, something they say the US won't do.  So the administration doesn't think the Taliban fit that mold.

But included in that same reply was a curious statement from Sharyl Attkisson's favorite WH staffer that Karl half-questioned, and it's actually more controversial than calling the Tollybon insurgents...

Yes, they believe the conflict is over in Afghanistan.  The war is over.  And this end of conflict required the administration to act quickly to "not leave someone behind".   Because the war was over. 

Except 10,000 troops are still there.  And their mission was quietly expanded during the holidays to make it possible to go after Taliaban insurgents if they are planning attacks on US assets or helping terrorist networks such as AQ-core or the Haqqani boys.   The Haqqani Network held control over Bergdahl.  But they are terrorists.  Unless they are not.  No worries, we can trade five untried Taliban insurgents back to them because they are not terrorists.  Unless they help terrorists.  Or it's a Blue Moon. 

As to what happens if another one of our troops gets captured now that the conflict is over, well, perhaps Lorertta Lynch could find an answer to that question. 

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