Friday, January 30, 2015


This little nugget was slipped into a CNN piece detailing the JV team's new attack on Kirkuk (emphasis added):
The U.S. military said Friday that an ISIS chemical weapons expert was killed during a coalition strike late last week. Abu Malik worked in Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons program before joining al Qaeda in 2005, U.S. Central Command said.
He was killed January 24 near Mosul. "His death is expected to temporarily degrade and disrupt the terrorist network and diminish (ISIS') ability to potentially produce and use chemical weapons against innocent people," the military said.
Did anyone know ISIS had any history with chem-weapons? Aside from this? And why was a former Saddam chemical weapons expert even considered a threat? Saddam didn't have any WMD and Iraq was a dumb war, we were told.


US officials leaked to the Washington Post that yeah, the CNN helped the Mossad kill major-league Hizballah terrorist Imad Mughniyah back in 2008.

Imad, who? The guy who helped orchestrate the Beirut bombing, TWA 847 hijacking (and murder of a Navy diver), the Khobar Towers bombing, and who was helping Iran kill US troops in Iraq. Among other things, perhaps.

A big fish.  Remember that dramatic picture of Bush and crew sitting in the Situation Room as the Mughniyah killing came down? Of course not, because it never happened. The Bush folks simply eliminated one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorists in the world and there was hardly a yawn.

But back to the leak. Why now? We are right in the middle of the weird killing in Argentina, where a prosecutor was about to testify about Iran's involvement, ie, through Mughniyah, in the bombing of a Jewish Community Center in 1994 that killed over 80 people.  And, we are also right in the middle of a negotiation with Iran over ending their nuclear weapons program with the third deadline coming in March and Congress getting ancy.  Did this leak perhaps come from Netanyahu's people, implicating the US in the killing of Iran's biggest proxy operator, right at a crucial time? 

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