Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wanted: Raghad Hussein

Although placed on Iraq's 41 most-wanted list last year, Raghad Hussein, Saddam's eldest daughter, has been enjoying exile as a guest of Jordan's King Abdullah since she and her sister and mother fled Iraq in 2003. For some reason Interpol has now issued a "red notice" for her arrest:
Interpol's "Red Notice" is not an international arrest warrant but is a request for foreign police forces to cooperate in tracking down 38-year-old Raghad Hussein and in extraditing her to face justice in Iraq.
The AFP story does not explain Interpol's decision but this Kuwaiti story may shine some light:
The revelation about this arrest warrant followed, by two days, a visit to Jordan by Iraqi National Security Advisor Muawaffaq Al-Rubaei. At the end of his visit to the Hashemite Kingdom, Al-Rubaei said his country and Jordan had agreed on an exchange of wanted people bearing in mind the large number of former Iraqi Baath Party operatives currently living on Jordanian soil.
Could be an interesting development depending on what the Shia-dominated Iraqi government plans to do with her. If they get her.

By the way, the AFP version of this story is yet another example of shoddy journalism. Case in point:
Raghad and Rana's relations with their father and brothers had broken down after their husbands, General Hussein Kamel Hassan and his brother Saddam Kamel, were killed in Iraq in 1996 after five years in exile in Jordan.
Any reputable world news agency should know that Hussein Kamel defected in 1995, not 1991.

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