Friday, March 06, 2015

Arrogance is Bliss

To some at least.  In particular, our political leadership.

At the top, our lecturer-in-chief, who doesn't want anyone pointing out that he's messing up the entire frigging world.   He's got ISIS against Assad, Iran and Iraq, who are against Saudi Arabia and Israel, who are mad at America, who's against Putin, who's against everyone. Just don't get on your high horses and point this out because your ancestors did the Crusades and Jim Crow, you racist.   

And there's our former Secretary of State, who has the balls to lecture her underlings at State not to use private emails while she's sending them out via her own home server.  To which she and her staff get to decide which emails live or die or are later reported to her employer in order to meet federal retention requirements.   She later has the nerve to 'tweet' a statement requesting that the State Department release all the emails she and her staff have chosen to send to State in violation of policy.... in the name of transparency of course.

Then there's our current Speaker of the House, who apparently invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak in front of Congress as a diversion to dropping a bill that defended the Constitution against a power-hungry executive who "changed the law".  This same Speaker is also evidently depending on Nancy Pelosi of all people to ward off a mutiny from his own Tea Party caucus.  Good grief.  And why wouldn't she help him by continuing the internecine circus act?  He just wants to keep his parking spot and primo tee times.

It's enough to make a sane man cynical.  

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