Monday, March 23, 2015

Surviving, Hillary Style

Snippets of Hillary's until-recent secret emails were leaked to the NY Times, who reported on them today with general characterizations.  Here's one:
Two weeks after that first email assessing Ms. Rice’s appearance, Mr. Sullivan sent Mrs. Clinton a very different email. This time, he appeared to reassure the secretary of state that she had avoided the problems Ms. Rice was confronting.
He told Mrs. Clinton that he had reviewed her public remarks since the attack and that she had avoided the language that had landed Ms. Rice in trouble. “You never said ‘spontaneous’ or characterized their motivations,” Mr. Sullivan wrote.
So much for team spirit.  So much for the excuse about being too tired to get on TV, etc.  But as the Times indicates, this was a change from emails sent a few days after Benghazi..
“She did make clear our view that this started spontaneously then evolved,” Mr. Sullivan wrote to Mrs. Clinton.
Clearly the administration was running a narrative, it fell apart, they finally punted, and all the while Hillary's minions were reporting back to her on the Blackberry about how she was coming off in the media.   The few email summaries of course don't shine any light on who crafted the "spontaneous" narrative (only that Hillary was onboard) but they do suggest Susan Rice was not looking good and the conversation was more about optics than a terrorist attack on 9/11.  As the ranking Democrat on the committee said, they should release them all for context (of course he meant the ones selected by Hillary, not all of them).

It's important to know the leakers of these characterizations (and caution is noted here--the last time congress leaked some Benghazi emails to the press there was a trap included) . If the leakers were on Gowdy's committee that points one way; if they were Obama officials that points another; and if they were Hillary sympathizers still at the State Dept that could point another way.  Interestingly, State spokesgal Marie Harf would not condemn the leak or take umbrage with the truthfulness during her press conference today, only expressing amusement at how the leakers identified themselves (worried about losing their clearances).

So let's speculate wildly.  Survival is what it's all about with Team Clinton, so the hope is probably that the media will forget about these emails after awhile as more GOP candidates get into the race, which amounts to a good reason to get this story out of the way now rather than have it break as someone announces, allowing immediate fodder.  Come time to debate the emails will be ancient history, with any mention of them spun as impugning her highness' integrity and part of the GOP War on Women.  The media may actually play along--especially if they are involved in helping her get this story out of the way now (there may be emails to that end, somewhere on some private listserve). 

Anyway, one day--long after President Goldman Sachs has been reelected, they can be released on a Friday before a holiday weekend during a bimbo eruption involving the First Man.

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