Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Diplomacy Update

Another red line has come and gone.  Just remember, you are simply not capable of understanding the nuance.

And those regional wars you see in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, various African nations and the Ukraine?  Not really happening....

The spread of ISIS across the region?   Not "core" AQ, just a JV squad..

But don't worry America.  Be happy.  Things are fine, the grass is green and water still flows into the pond alongside the 15th fairway.  Gay marriage is the most important issue we issue we face as a nation, er wait, stop, check that..

We must defeat the Earth's climate and stop it from changing!  Time is running out!  Allowing the climate change red line to be crossed could result in the end of civilization.  And who represents the biggest enemy force?   Republican flat earth anti-science bigots of course.  They cannot be dealt with at any negotiating tables or through writs or treaties, they simply must be degraded and ultimately destroyed.   


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