Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Another Convenient Study

It appears ABC News pulled a hamstring in getting this report to press:

US Radicals Bigger Terror Threat Than Jihadis in America
Wow. So all this stuff about ISIS sympathizers being tracked in all 50 states and the US being under the greatest threat in our history is just a bunch of hooey?

All along we should have been fearing the new Confederacy?

Why yes, according to the left wing website ABC is quoting, whose study purports that "right wing" terrorists have killed more than the American Jihad since 2001. 

Now, this has come up before and it was just as silly back then. What this group is doing is pretty much mixing data to get their desired result (attack their real enemies on the right) and they do it by pretending certain events are terrorism attacks, all carried out by the new confederacy conspiracy.  In reality they are comparing a global cause, jihadism in the furtherance of Islamic Shariah world control, with a series of unconnected crimes.   It's amazing too, because for years the left wanted Islamic terrorism treated like an unconnected series of crimes, now it's no longer convenient to do that. 

If one is unconvinced one need not look beyond the attack on the Austin Texas IRS building, which they consider "right wing" terrorism (not only them).  The guy who flew into the building was 1) crazier than a bedbug and 2) left a manifesto praising Marx.

ABC "News" could have researched this a little and come to a similar conclusion but it was apparently "too good to check".  Or they checked it, understood the above, and decided they themselves wouldn't attach 'right wing' to their story, only leave it hanging as an inference (for plausible deniability).

Thank Heaven for the internet. Can anyone imagine a world where all we got was ABC News reports like this without the ability to double-check anything or make our voices heard far and wide?  Well, at least far.    

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