Monday, June 08, 2015

The End is Near

Today in Germany the president did one of his patented press conferences, using over 30 minutes to interact with 4 reporters.  The last question was about the Supreme Court's possible ruling on the federal exchanges in Obamacare.  The answer was the usual incomprehensible filibuster, but the reporter tried again one more time, at which point this is how it ended..


So what about the headline of this post?   Well, this answer doesn't signify the end being near, but the fact the person answering it has the power he does--and many would say his predecessor--is perhaps cause for concern.   Or, the end is near could refer to Obamacare itself, ie, something is going to end with this ruling, either the law or the GOP pushback.  Or maybe it's the end of this silly blog.  Hard to say which will come first. 

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