Sunday, June 28, 2015

Back when God was in the mix..

That was then...this is now..

The president 'evolved' beyond Rick Warren, the Pope, and God, who was previously 'in the mix', on SSM.   More likely he pretended to have a deeply-held belief to get elected and it worked. 

So it's useful to look back before looking ahead.  If the American public--and the American press-- can so easily tolerate that kind of deceit from their leaders then they will have no trouble electing Hillary and Bill Clinton for a third term. 

By the way, here's another snippet from the Warren interview about Supreme Court justices.  The president's answer on Clarence Thomas showed his angle on race pretty well.  His answer on Roberts was ironically interesting considering his 'pen and phone' leadership.  McCain came across as a rock-ribbed conservative, although it's likely he would not have practiced it while in office.  So they will all 'say anything' at times to get elected.  It seems a deeply-held belief would be a red line they wouldn't want to cross, but as we've seen with deadlines, they don't mean much either.  

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