Thursday, March 18, 2010

Isn't it Time?

Bret Baier interrupted interviewed the president for about 15 minutes Wednesday evening and apparently that's as close as we'll get to a final prime time press conference before Obama tries to inhale 1/6 of the economy. Maybe he'll give the prime time press conference after passage to 'explain what's in it'.

The Fox interview was interesting though. Why did the WH feel compelled? Isn't the time for talk over? Maybe Axelrod figured they could trample the young anchor by blitzing his every question with talking points to eat up the clock, thereby allowing them to check their "we reached out to other side" box before passage.

Obviously they didn't expect a bow at the end but they also probably didn't expect to see 'belligerent Bret' show up either. Nevertheless, still a win for the admin since they've got new cause for ignoring Fox for another six months by claiming he was disrespectful (he was, kinda). O'Reilly must be fuming!

Still, a curve ball was thrown: Obama's great Hawaiian earthquake kickback explanation. Media Matters thinks he means this one:
A strong earthquake occurred about 10 miles (15 km) north-northwest of Kailua Kona or 65 miles (100 km) west of Hilo, Hawai`i at 11:07 AM MDT, Oct 15, 2006 (7:07 AM HST in Hawaii). The magnitude and location may be revised when additional data and further analysis results are available.
Felt Reports

Numerous people suffered minor injuries, at least 1,173 buildings damaged, roads damaged and landslides blocked roads on Hawai`i. Power outages occurred throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Damage estimated at 73 million dollars.
If so, then lumping it with Katrina (to justify a carve-out) sounds a lot like a bonehead comparison considering the damages and deaths from Katrina compared to zero deaths in this Hawaiian quake. Then again, Obama thought 10,000 people were killed in the Greensburg, Kansas tornado so maybe he's just confused on what's in the bill (surely it can't have anything to do with the Hawaiian National Guard being overtaxed by their deployment in Afghanistan).

By the way, was this the Hawaiian carve-out Baier was referring to:
Other lawmakers won carve-outs for their state healthcare systems. Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) got her state’s existing health program exempted by what the Honolulu Advertiser called the “Hirono Amendment.” As a result, the reform measures will be a non-event for many people in Hawaii.
A non-event?

MORE 3/18/10

The CBO shell game has begun. Whatever it takes. This, by the way, will backfire. The GOP should explain that they tried everything, stood as one and fought the good fight, but the Dems controlled the process and rammed it through by trickery. This only gives the Dems a chance to flip the tables in the press.


Debbie said...

I didn't get to watch the interview, I will watch the YouTube version. I did hear the panel talking about it after. Didn't sound like Obama did very well.

I think they were feeling desperate and that's why they went on Fox and chose Bret Baer. They figured he would be the most polite and easy interview. Seems they were wrong. Good for him.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Yes I agree- I think they needed some Fox cred and thought Baier was a patty cake who would sit there and allow Obama to filibuster, and he shocked the bejenkins out of 'em.

Of course, they always have a fall-back, which is to point to him as being disrespectful, etc. And he probably was, but had he not interrupted he'd have had 3 questions max. In the days of Sam Donaldson people would call him disrespectful and he wouldn't care, saying "I'm part of the fourth estate and am doing my job"