Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Threats and Rumors of Threats

It may not be right to justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior, or even purported bad behavior, but it does provide a sort of temporary devilish satisfaction.

I'm referring of course to the racial charges made by several black congressmen as they walked amidst the Tea Party protesters in DC this past Saturday. The story blossomed from them to the lefty media, to the reality-based bloggers and now it's becoming tacky conventional wisdom cement, all despite the numerous cameras and video devices on the scene without one of them coming forward to provide corroboration. It's possible a few hacks yelled something, but a chorus of N-words?

Personally I agree with Jack--cui bono. The left is simply much better at devious strategerizing than conservatives. It's probably in the blood. The Saturday story cemented a charge they've been trying to make against tea partiers from day one and the timing couldn't have been better--the day before cramdown. It's completely unarguable as to whether the big media will carry their water--they will. And so it goes.

That said, Boehner's response was dead-on correct (*using the term 'dead-on' in no way signifies anything to do with actual human death*)-- the right should respond the right way, targeting (oops) vulnerable legislators through peaceful, non-violent means. No pies, no shout downs, no phony stories. The high road is the best road in the long run.

As to the other bad behavior..

Obama: standing between the bankers and the pitchforks.

Film: what if Bush were assassinated

Ignored: far left radicals openly calling for Bush's death

OK... 3/24/10

Here's Gibbs trying to explain the need for the EO. If the federal law (Hyde Amendment) is clear and the EO was just fancy window dressing that means Stupak was holding out for nothing, at least on the surface. Shoot (southern colloquialism libs, don't take it literally), maybe they hatched the whole thing as a plot to make it appear to his backwoods constituency that he's a fighter for the unborn while lulling the GOP into a false sense of security about low possibilities for passage. Alinsky tactics 1, 3, 5 (which is always in play), 6, and 9 appear to be in play, with lucky 13 being hammered as we speak due to the outcome, fueled in part by some bonehead events.

Of course, does anyone really know who actually placed the coffin in the congressperson's yard? Take the phony noose stories, for instance. Google "noose placed on door college"
and the first page lists several stories that seem like a rather sinister pattern. But Google "noose story false" and some truth comes out.

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Debbie said...

T"he left is simply much better at devious strategerizing than conservatives."

True, so true. We need to step up and improve in this area or we will be beaten down in the media every time.

Perception, perception, perception.

For all those ignorant and uninformed voters out there who put us in this position and who never get informed.

Right Truth