Monday, March 29, 2010

That Didn't Take Long

Give some committed liberals a bit of power and their heads balloon into the size of the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man:
Kathleen Sebelius warned the insurance industry Monday not to look for loopholes in health care legislation and informed it that she will be writing regulations to ensure that the industry covers children with preexisting conditions, which some insurers insist is not a requirement of the law.
And she was threatening them for catching a loophole that Congress created. But no worries, the insurance companies have already bent over and thanked her while asking for another. Welcome to the new world--just don't call it socialism.

The obvious overriding takeaway from the story is her bullying tone, a harbinger of life to come under this scary group of self-congratulatory autocratic do-gooders. Funny, mainstream lefties whined for eight years about Bush being a fascist and now they are applauding this diminution of liberty by doubling down, as did Huffpo's Ryan Grim:
Sebelius's letter is an attempt to persuade the private industry to follow the spirit of the law. When Congress returns after the two-week recess, progressive Democrats will again be looking at ways to add a public option to the law. By threatening to refuse to insure sick children, insurers only make the case that much more persuasive.
Ah yes, whatever it takes (emphasis added):
Leadership is telling members to reach out to local chapters of the hundreds of national organizations that endorsed the health care legislation to help organize events in town. Instead of just holding a town hall, members are advised to find constituents who would be helped -- a child with preexisting conditions who can now get health insurance, or a small business that will benefit from new tax credits -- and host events with them showcasing how the bill reforms the health care system.
How appropriate, coming from Talking Points Memo. And how democratic. Of course the mainstream media will be there to help wherever they can. The only question now is whether this giant 50 foot woman can be stopped before she expands anymore.

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