Friday, March 12, 2010

Singing Terrorists

Washington Examiner reports that Taliban number two is supposedly 'singing like a male canary'. First of all, what's the difference between the song of a female and male canary as it relates to intelligence? Second, singing doesn't necessarily equal results; is he producing results, like more captures, caches, etc? Third, the story said some US officials are there interrogating him, which presumably means we aren't enhancing it, at least our part of it. But how do the Pakistanis do it? If they use rough treatment will our guys walk away like Ali Soufan did?

And lastly, where in the world is Azzam the American? Was he captured or not, and if not, who is this terrorist from Pennsylvania? If he's an American citizen by birth isn't is logical to ask why he's not in America talking with the HIG and getting his rights? After all, it's not like Karachi is 'the battlefield'--Pakistan is our ally.

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