Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nowhere Man

Alvin Greene, that is..

This is such a joke the Democrats in his own state are calling it a Republican plot (after seeing the hijinks surrounding Nikki Haley they might be right). So, since nobody knows what's going on it's time for blog speculation!

First off, even the SC GOP can't be dumb enough to foist a shill only to risk getting caught later and harming DeMint. Clyburn is also a dummy, since an investigation might even cause more embarrassment--he's basically saying the Dem voters of his state are stupid for electing this unknown even if he was a GOP moby. No sir, the embarrassment belongs with the SC Democratic Party, unless they can somehow blame it on the Diebolds. Surely can't blame ACORN.

Besides, who's going to order the investigation? If his own party does and they determine he was duly elected with no fraud it makes them look un-supportive, un-American, and perhaps racist for picking on someone who just wanted to run for office in the year of the Tea Party.

C'mon, Democrats are the party of Mr. Smith goes to DC. They live for the little guy who speaks truth to power and takes on the big establishment capitalists and such. He sounds almost perfect, an uncorrupted unknown representing the real folks who has a kinky streak for the young girls to boot--hey it's only sex.. everybody lies about sex!

Whew. It will be interesting to see how they get rid of him without causing a ruckus now that he's a nationally known figure. Wait, isn't Michelle Obama's family from South Carolina? Curioser!

MORE 6/11/10

Here's some local goop from SC, including three conspiracy theories...
Theory three: The ballots were flipped.

The theory goes that in many polling places the calibration of the machines could have been off and people meaning to vote for Rawl unknowingly voted for Greene. That could be backed up by the fact that Greene won Richland County, a Democratic voting area with a largely informed electorate where Rawl had campaigned and was a major presence among Democrats. Greene also won in areas with large non-black voting populations.

Rawl, however, won his home county of Charleston.
Unless a big smoking gun emerges soon the Dems are in deep doo-doo in pursuing this as a scandal. Perhaps the closest thing to a smoking gun, or at least a motive, is the fact a liberal Democrat somehow ran against DeMint in his primary. Hey, it's SC.

Maybe this is just an elaborate hoax perpetrated by 'the Onion' to see how close people were paying attention. But have to wonder--if it's a law that candidates must file with the FEC when running, and Greene did not, why don't they just enforce the law? Otherwise, what's the point of a law?


Anonymous said...

Sir, you are the master of conspiracy theory and if you were to write a mystery novel, I couldn't be more forward in my seat. I am excited about the prospect of a surprise ending, such as Gov. Mark Sanford set it up as his last retribution to a state that turned its back on him.

Hey, I'll even be your literary agent for a percentage of gross.

Debbie said...

This story is really weird, especially the legal charges for showing a girl pornographic images.

The fact that he got elected should be a study itself.

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I am excited about the prospect of a surprise ending, such as Gov. Mark Sanford set it up as his last retribution to a state that turned its back on him.

He doesn't seem like the black ops type (pardon the pun), but hey, he did orchestrate those clandestine meetings in South America. So that's still available for a surprise ending.

I'm leaning towards either a Michelle Obama cabal led by Valerie Jarrett- calling in their SC chits by firing a warning shot at the GOP to announce all future elections could end similarly; or on the other side, a message sent to Dems by the military industrial complex of SC to not mess with their guys.

(Gotta have fun with this stuff somehow).

A.C. McCloud said...

The fact that he got elected should be a study itself.

It simply MUST be studied and investigated in full based on the numbers coming out of each voting district. Greene won districts where the absentee ballots favored his opponent by something like 8 to 1. That's obviously wrong. So even if he was a GOP plant they would have also have needed control of almost every precinct manager in the state to skew the results. Don't see why anyone would take that risk, but then again, this is SC.

Z said...

Isn't that amazing? I saw that on TV and saw a news reader blurt out "Boy, THERE's a firecracker for you! who couldn't vote for HIM?"


A.C. McCloud said...


It's baffling. I wouldn't even risk money betting on whether Mr. Greene knows for sure or not.