Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rahmbo Pivot

So the same guy tangentially involved with Tony Rezko and Rod Blago...the same guy who likely offered Joe Sestak a bribe to stay out of the Pennsylvania primary...the same guy who threatened representative Massa in the shower over his health care now the same guy trying to focus the BP oil disaster on congressman Barton for foolishly admitting the obvious? Shocking. Maybe they can release the transcript of the BP come-to-Jesus secret oil meeting so we can all get some transparency on this.

A desperate move, but never sell the mainstream media short in their attempt to make it a legitimate meme. Still, Rahm is facing a possible appearance in the Blago circus trial, which appears to be a dose of sunny disinfectant on the hot dog factory known as Chicago politics. He wants to run for mayor there, so maybe it's time to leave, over that alone. Or maybe there's another disagreement?

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