Friday, June 04, 2010

This Man..

...sounds like a dumbass:
“She’s a f#!king raghead,” Knotts said.

He later clarified his statement. He did not mean to use the F-word.

Knotts says he believed Haley has been set up by a network of Sikhs and was programmed to run for governor of South Carolina by outside influences in foreign countries. He claims she is hiding her religion and he wants the voters to know about it.

“We got a raghead in Washington; we don’t need one in South Carolina,” Knotts said more than once. “She’s a raghead that’s ashamed of her religion trying to hide it behind being Methodist for political reasons.”
Ole tiny is not only giving the south, South Carolina, and the GOP a bad name, he's giving the Knotts name a bad name. Too bad somebody like Deputy Fife couldn't haul him in to see Andy for an attitude adjustment--but then again, Andy and Barney were from the good Carolina--the northern one.

Wow, it's as if the South Carolina GOP is actually an arm for the Democrats operating under deep cover. That's about the only hope for Republicans there it would seem, aside from Haley.

ht Hot Air

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