Wednesday, June 30, 2010


From the Gibbs press briefing on Tuesday:
Q One quick -- Bill Clinton has apparently endorsed Andrew Romanoff in the Colorado Democratic primary. How do you respond to it? Are you amused, dismayed, infuriated? (Laughter.)

Q Those are your choices. (Laughter.)

MR. GIBBS: D, none of the above. (Laughter.)

Q And one last thing on that? Did you guys get a heads up? Did you know President Clinton was doing that, the White House?

MR. GIBBS: I will check with the political department. I don’t know the answer.

Q You did not know this?

MR. GIBBS: But that’s not to say --

Q Somebody in the White House might have gotten --

MR. GIBBS: I will check.

Q Will it affect the reset with Bill Clinton? (Laughter.)
Emphasis added for the punchline. Of course this should be a bigger story, since Romanoff practically charged the White House with bribery, and now he's being endorsed by Bubba (who's coincidentally in Moscow talking to Putin). And hey--it was Slick who they claimed was the go-between with Sestak. All forgotten in the misty mist of time. Clinton essentially told Obama to stop trying to emote and plug the damn hole (in slightly more polished verbiage)--and the WaPo is saying Hillary will be drafted to run as VP for 2012? Yeah, only if Bill has that Kenyan birth certificate lying around somewhere.

By the way, what's with all this reset stuff regards Russia anyway? Was our relationship with the ex-Soviets so terrible under Bush? If so, what harm was done? Putin helped us with terrorism per Afghanistan and didn't help much with Iraq or Iran, and didn't care much for our missile defense. None of that has changed under Obama, except our bailing out of missile defense. Now we have this new spy story.

Or maybe the russkies are correct and that was that the purpose of making a show of publicly rolling up the network. In the press briefing Gibbs came close to emphatically stating that law enforcement made the decision to take down the spies and not the president, although the president knew they were out there. He then referred reporters to the State Dept when asked about ramifications, as if the White House has no position on foreign spying while in the midst of resetting. It feels more like embarrassment than clever.


LASunsett said...

I am beginning to wonder if Hillary might be quietly positioning herself for another primary challenge in 2012, especially if Barry O keeps screwing up and dropping in the polls?

A.C. McCloud said...

That's probably what Slick is doing right now. His sly second guessing on the oil gusher at that think tank the other day (he spliced in some Obama praise in the middle to obfuscate it) was to me a signal they are still out there, waiting.

Debbie said...

I'm betting that Hillary will either run for president in 2012 or if Obama's smart he will have her as his VP running mate. The Obamanauts are getting restless with their choice, they may be ready for CHANGE to Hillary.

This won't be good for Republicans, but I still think we have a good chance of taking back the White House. But it's a LONG time until that vote, and we need the right candidate.

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Dr Purva Pius said...
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