Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Be Healed?

Can this country possibly get any more divided? Can the president possibly do any less to heal this divide? On Monday his spokesgeek Jay Carney reacted to the Reverend Franklin Graham's fuzzy answer on a Sunday show about the birth certificate:
Carney, in an abrupt answer, reacted and said, "It's interesting that a minister would use Easter Sunday to make preposterous charges."
Yes, the same Easter Sunday Obama barely mentioned, other than saying he went to church. Graham probably thinks there's an ulterior motive involved cough Muslim Brotherhood cough. But who can say there isn't when the man won't even clear up his birth records so he can use it as a wedge issue and has been appointing Muslim brotherhood sympathetic persons into his government? Racist! Or wait, is he just trying to hornswoggle the Arabs into peace? It's hard to say. We've never had a president so confusing or one who seems to delight in utter confusion.

For instance, he goes to church on Easter but chooses a pastor hung up as much on race as on Jesus, who equates talk radio hosts, Rush Limbaugh specifically, with the KKK. Limbaugh then goes on the air and tries to rip away the left's main reason to mention Jesus at all--insinuating Christ was a tax and spend liberal so let's raise taxes, you wingnuts--by asking "what would Jesus take?" Blasphemy, says Lawrence O'Donnell, who shot back by saying Jesus would "take everything"! Or at the least be down with a 39 percent tax bracket. And here many of us were hoping he'd support the Fair Tax. No clown, he would take nothing--he would ASK for everything. He didn't care about government policy.

But criminy, all this bickering over religion? Where is that promised healing? Obama said the whole world would breath a sigh of relief when he was elected. So did everyone mistakenly hyperventilate? In reality the healing was probably healing America from itself. As stated many times and in many places, Obama thinks America itself is part of the problem, and he's trying to fix us from within for our own good because he knows best. That's really the only thing that explains most of this strange behavior.


Debbie said...

I see we're thinking along the same lines. Confusing indeed. Saw a poll this morning only 38% believe Obama was born in the United States, I guess the rest are all kooks.

Healing? Things have gone from bad to worse under Obama, no healing under this lying president.

He's the big mystery, with a big question mark across his chest.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure you can heal this rift between Americans. It isn’t a matter of minor differences over foreign and domestic policy. In my view, it is rather more serious than that. It is the contrast between capitalists and communists, and there simply isn’t room for compromise. Communists want us to think there is room for compromise —they call it socialism; too many have fallen for this in the past. The American people (and elected officials) have been moving subtly, but ever steadily to the left since Abraham Lincoln.

The other day, Beck revealed that he and Huckleberry are having a spat because Beck had the audacity to criticize Michelle’s determination to take dietary prerogatives away from parents. The issue for Beck wasn’t about Michelle Obama, it was about the state’s right to interfere with the way parents raise their children. More to the point, however, is that Huckleberry reveals himself as a progressive Republican. Who knew? The debate serves as a reminder about how politicians fool the American people into voting for socialist agenda.

A.C. McCloud said...

Mustang, I believe you are correct. Occasionally Obama slips out some truth, and he did so while pandering to the illegals last year by saying "your ENEMIES". He considers this the great war, the great struggle, the battle between old America and shiny new socialist America. And he and his allies will stop at nothing to win.