Thursday, April 07, 2011


What in the world is he up to? Can anyone imagine him having the patience to not only run, but to govern? Doesn't he understand that we have a president, not a supreme leader?

He's not running. He just can't be. So it's hard to figure why he would suddenly take on the birther cause. Some say for the publicity; yes, he's a master of PR and attention, but there are much easier and less risky ways to get it than going down this bumpy road.

Perhaps it's because he knows that by taking on a taboo subject others won't touch it will make him instantly the stand out guy, with the birther stuff not really bothering most conservatives. That would make sense if he were really running. But he's not. Even still, surely he's had private conversations with GOP movers and shakers about this birther stuff and he might know a thing or two about who really thinks what. Maybe he also knows what the Obama machine and their mainstream media wing are planning to do with all of this in the upcoming election cycle.

For example, it's not hard to imagine that every single GOP candidate will be given a birther litmus test by the press. If they answer too definitively it could be seen as a slam on part of the base ("of course I'm not nuts like those people", etc). But if they answer too wafflely it gets them nutter status from the left and could even be used against them by other primary candidates. It's a tight rope!

So maybe Trump is trying to deflate this balloon before it becomes the Hindenberg. Only a birther with his status could crack the big media bubble and be given the time to challenge the narrative without being yanked off the set. They all respect his business acumen too much to go nuclear--yet. So maybe the plan is that by making this an issue now (where was he a few years ago, for instance) it could force Obama to play his own 'trump card' too early--in response to his persistence and threats--thereby removing it from play when the real war begins.

Otherwise, we're left to believe the absurd--that he's really running and is simply rich and powerful enough to get away with challenging the first black president's bona fides, which propels him to the top of the pack. In this day and age that could be called courage--unless of course he's acting for the Democrats under deep cover....


Debbie said...

When Trump first mentioned he might run, I laughed it off. But I may have to eat those words. Whether he actually runs or not, he's doing a great PR job that most Republicans won't.

I heard him talking about how great this country is, and regaining that standing in the world, almost Reagan like. We haven't heard that from our President, that's for sure.

(On another subject, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Bob McCarty has a post up you might be interested in:

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

Thanks, Debbie.

I watched the Today Show interview and he seems serious. Then again, if he were really serious he wouldn't care about "Celebrity Apprentice" getting in the way of his announcement. They had Cosby on afterwards and I kind of agreed with him (even though he's a Bush basher/Obama apologist)--Trump should just announce.

I really think this is some kind of a play he's making on behalf of other Republicans to get rid of the birther thing before campaigns begin. He says he has 'people' in Hawaii digging, well that was a warning shot sent across Obama's bow. If there is something wrong, it's designed to force Obama to release the long form now, rather than later. The question is how long will the media let Trump rattle on before 1) smearing him like all the other birthers, and 2) how long with the Democratic machine go before they start investigating his past/businesses.

Anonymous said...

I think people forget that Adolf Hitler was popularly elected, too. We can't learn from history if we don't know history.

Are we this desperate?

A.C. McCloud said...

Are we this desperate?

Apparently. America has seen a parade of buffoons who have been created in media labs and molded via focus groups but who have no souls. They are craving someone who speaks the plain truth, even if it comes with scarecrow hair.

Sad to say the next Hitler might be coming..

Sieg Heil! (hey, it's Friday night)