Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free Speech on Trial or Just a Nut?

The reportage has been spotty, which leaves me wondering-- why was Koran burner Terry Jones in court Friday? Can someone now be summoned to appear for something they haven't done yet? And what was he found guilty of--potentially offending Mohammad?

As reprehensible as his views are (which is a standard disclaimer because he's so unpopular nobody wants to be associated with him in any way even if they agree somewhat) he's only doing what Hillary screamed was patriotic during the Bush years. Who else fondly recalls the whining over 'free speech zones' when it came to protesting the W? Where's the outrage?

Besides, Jones has actually found a way to get the Muslims out in the street standing up for peace and tranquility and brotherhood:
Hundreds gathered at the Islamic Center on Thursday night for what was described as an interfaith rally against the Jones protest. An Episcopal bishop led a prayer, and about a dozen religious leaders from nearly as many faiths and sects led the crowd out of the mosque in silence. Participants stood outside for about ten minutes with their hands joined, no one talking. The religious leaders posed for photos with their arms interlocked.
Even Obama couldn't do that. Maybe Jones could be appointed his religious czar. But seriously, the way this guy is being handled--including from the likes of Lindsay Graham--remains troubling in the broadest sense.


Debbie said...

He may be a wacko in some ways, but I give this man lots of credit. He is doing something important. Who would ever have anticipated that someone would be tried and jailed for doing nothing, for wanting to stand in protest. This is against the law, civil rights folks should be shouting from the rooftops. They would be, except it is Islam he is protesting. Even he said the 'radical' elements of Islam.

We should be standing with this guy. What next? No permits for the TEA party protests?

Right Truth

A.C. McCloud said...

I think the ACLU did file a friend of the court brief, and one of their spokesman said "the First Amendment lost today in Dearborn" or something close. They really had no choice if they were going to retain any viability, but I'm glad they did it.

So Bill Maher and the ACLU are there, but the rest of the left has remained fairly neutral because for years they've used Islam to whip the GOP. It must be a conundrum for them.