Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Some knees must be about to jerk off and fly out windows in DC...
Later Wednesday, the FAA said in a statement it will now require supervisory oversight in monitoring flights transporting the vice president or first lady. Such supervision is currently required in monitoring flights carrying the president, the FAA said.
As stated, the FLOTUS was never in danger of crashing into the other plane. The planes got too close, but not dangerously close. The controller did the right thing by ordering the plane to 'go around' and try the approach again. Had he/she not done so, THAT would have been a much worse scenario.

But doesn't it seem a bit like these stories are trying to suggest the controller intentionally lost separation, as if desirous of an incident? Does to me.

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Debbie said...

Anyone who flies planes themselves knows that this was not the big deal some made of it. I figured it would get more coverage than it did, simply because it was Michelle and the Left media love her.

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